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Happy 10th Etsy-versary + small GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy 10th Etsy-versary + small GIVEAWAY!!! . Lengthy post... but please read on for giveaway details of kitty helmets 😉🙏🏻💕 . Wow, it's been 10 years 😱😱😱 As much as I would love to keep my tiny space on Etsy, it is time to move on 😭😭😭 . After looking at various options, checking out local requirements + registrations and taking into consideration my limited web-building skills... I decided to take the easier route and append the new shop to my simple old blog for now - using ecwid's shopping cart. . Payment will still be handled thru PayPal Checkout. However, prices will be revised and fixed in SGD instead. New prices may be lower than previous USD prices due to fluctuating exchange rates. . Hereby, I would like to thank my friends for hearing my complains (abt etsy) and for your much appreciated advise (you know who you are 😘💕). Thank you too, Etsy - for the past 10 years! It's been good and ohhhh, not forgetting my dolly friends and customers, big thank you for your support, comments and kind words. I hope I can continue to create dollywear that you may like for many years to come 🙏🏻😘💕 . . Ps: I am still reachable via Flickr, IG, FB, email or maybe Etsy also (as they are only removing seller's privileges... I think 🤔). . *** GIVEAWAY DETAILS: 2 Kitty Helmets (2 Winners) 😊 . To take part, simply repost this picture and tag #jojoling10giveaway and @jojoling10 so that I can track your entries. Following me is optional but welcomed. Giveaway closes 14 May 2017 and 2 different winners will be picked randomly on IG 😊 . Note: *** You should only take part if you have a Mini Mui Chan doll who will be able to wear the helmet. . *** No giveaway accounts please. . *** Mini Mui, outfits and shoes are not included. Sorry. You can purchase them from 💕😊 . *** Shipping worldwide where snail mail is reachable. Photo of stamped mail will be sent to winner as proof of postage. . #ixdoll #ixtee #ixteeshop #mmc #minimuichan #MuiChan #doll #小小boo @ixdoll #妹头 #妹頭 #小小boo和小豆豆 #jojoling10giveaway

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