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Be back soon...

The days had been busy... if not crazy.
I feel bad for neglecting the blog and hope to be back soon.

September, I was pretty much occupied with school + home stuff.
Then came October... small girl had a bad fall on the way home from school.
That resulted in a ambulance ride to the A&E and 12 stitches to her forehead.
Small girl later told me , it wasn't only 12 stitches...
the doctor stitched internally too - as the cut was so deep, the bone was visible!

I had no idea what happened or why she fell.
It was raining lightly. I was carrying lots of stuff and the big umbrella.
So I got her to carry her school bag herself and happily clutching
a drawing (from a classmate) in one hand and a happy koala toy
(children's day present from her teacher) in the other hand.
It all happened in a second... she was right beside me and the next,
she fell facedown the stairs!
I quickly held her up and was shocked to see the big cut and lots of blood!

Thankfully, the ambulance did not take long to arrive then
and small girl was attended to, soon upon reaching the A&E.

She had since recovered well, the scar is still visible but I am hopeful
that it will fade with time. I still feel guilty... but, there's probably nothing I could do, to prevent the accident.

Because of that little accident, I treasured her even more
and had been spending more time on her. It's not just the guilt,
I guess it's silly but I did fear I might lose her... etc etc... well, seeing all the blood does things and made me really scared!