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Accordion Wallet for Sis

Sis had been asking for a new accordion wallet
as the first one I gave her, was very used and torn.

So we sent Chinatown last week to get some fabrics.

I quickly finished the wallet as school holidays is starting
and I will be busy minding the fussy princess.

Sis chose a pink kawaii character fabric.
I chose black pin dots, with minty choco and pink choco dots to coordinate.
Pattern by Napkitten on etsy.

Here is the finished wallet.
I can't wait to give it to my Sis ^_^

The inside of the wallet.
The colours reminded me of minty macaroons and strawberry choco. Yums!

Side view of the wallet.

I really enjoyed making this wallet.
But the greatest satisfaction is to see Sis using the wallet
and showing it off to her friends. Haha.


  1. it looks so perfect Jo.
    really love the fabric combination you choose for the lining !!

  2. thanks Isa. I love the fabric combi too... just had to add in the minty dots even though my sis was initially unsure of the colour combi... now she loves it :D

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  4. wonderful! I haven´t sewn a wallet yet....but I have to do it! Great work!
    Liebe Grüße


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