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1st Patchwork Blanket

I love patchwork... always do... especially patchwork blankets.
I could still remember Grandma's blanket that I used to "hide in"
whenever I am at her place, playing hide-and-seek with my cousins.

I have had ideas to make blankets...
but never really gotten around to start one.

Last week, I received a surprise pillow cover from dear Isa.
It is so pretty and lovely and I am really inspired to try my hands at patchwork.

Finally, I started looking at what type of patchwork to start with.
I wanted something simple and decided on the zig zag patchwork pattern.

I spent a day cutting out 4 inches squares and started sewing.
Here's a sneak of my 1st patchwork blanket...
I finished only 4 rows because I am sooo sloowwww (as usual).

I hope to get more sewing done and also get back to my sew-along.
I really have to "poke" my friend to get my patterns returned. Hmm...


  1. it looks awesome already Jo.
    The points matching perfectly.
    It going to look awesome.
    I'm sure it will be done when I'm back from Hong Kong ^___^

  2. hehe... thanks Isa.
    I am almost done with the squares I cut... but I think I need to add more XD


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