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Hoot Whoooo

My elder niece fell in love with anything owls and kinda spreaded
the love to me as well.

I doodled the other day and came with a simple owl design to make
a coin purse as a gift for a friend.

My niece saw the coin purse I finished and asked me for one too.
I managed to finish 2 today,
one for her and one for her sister - my 2nd niece.

I just showed them the pictures and they are so excited!
But it's late, they will have to wait till tomorrow to get their new purses ^_^

1st Patchwork Blanket

I love patchwork... always do... especially patchwork blankets.
I could still remember Grandma's blanket that I used to "hide in"
whenever I am at her place, playing hide-and-seek with my cousins.

I have had ideas to make blankets...
but never really gotten around to start one.

Last week, I received a surprise pillow cover from dear Isa.
It is so pretty and lovely and I am really inspired to try my hands at patchwork.

Finally, I started looking at what type of patchwork to start with.
I wanted something simple and decided on the zig zag patchwork pattern.

I spent a day cutting out 4 inches squares and started sewing.
Here's a sneak of my 1st patchwork blanket...
I finished only 4 rows because I am sooo sloowwww (as usual).

I hope to get more sewing done and also get back to my sew-along.
I really have to "poke" my friend to get my patterns returned. Hmm...

Accordion Wallet for Sis

Sis had been asking for a new accordion wallet
as the first one I gave her, was very used and torn.

So we sent Chinatown last week to get some fabrics.

I quickly finished the wallet as school holidays is starting
and I will be busy minding the fussy princess.

Sis chose a pink kawaii character fabric.
I chose black pin dots, with minty choco and pink choco dots to coordinate.
Pattern by Napkitten on etsy.

Here is the finished wallet.
I can't wait to give it to my Sis ^_^

The inside of the wallet.
The colours reminded me of minty macaroons and strawberry choco. Yums!

Side view of the wallet.

I really enjoyed making this wallet.
But the greatest satisfaction is to see Sis using the wallet
and showing it off to her friends. Haha.

Be back soon...

The days had been busy... if not crazy.
I feel bad for neglecting the blog and hope to be back soon.

September, I was pretty much occupied with school + home stuff.
Then came October... small girl had a bad fall on the way home from school.
That resulted in a ambulance ride to the A&E and 12 stitches to her forehead.
Small girl later told me , it wasn't only 12 stitches...
the doctor stitched internally too - as the cut was so deep, the bone was visible!

I had no idea what happened or why she fell.
It was raining lightly. I was carrying lots of stuff and the big umbrella.
So I got her to carry her school bag herself and happily clutching
a drawing (from a classmate) in one hand and a happy koala toy
(children's day present from her teacher) in the other hand.
It all happened in a second... she was right beside me and the next,
she fell facedown the stairs!
I quickly held her up and was shocked to see the big cut and lots of blood!

Thankfully, the ambulance did not take long to arrive …