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Smurfy! Smurfalicious!
A friend's recent acquistion of a full set
of smurfs happi meal toys set me in nostalgic smurfy mood.
Ahh... such lovely childhood memories!
Me with my blankie and binky, watching the little blue friends on television
and singing along to La la la-la la la... lol

The first thing I smurfy search for... is smurfs fabric.
Not many around, mostly vintage sheets on ebay.

But I did find some on etsy, from Yoshimi's shop - emicraftinjapan.
I bought only the blue one, with the intention of making some pouch
or wristlets... with red zippers and maybe I will try red piping too?

Green version of the same fabric... hmm... not too sure of this colorway.

Pinkalicious PINK version!
My daughter loves this so I think, I will be getting the pink one soon.

Oooh, so excited and looking forward to receive this latest fabric purchase.
Did I mention I also bought smurfy charms for zipper pulls? Hehe...

*** Smurfy pictures are from emicraftinjapan on etsy ***


  1. My son found a smurf lego set which I caved and bought. It was just too cute to pass up!

  2. that fabric is so cool Jo.
    Red ppping will be awesome with the fabric. I haven't tryed it yet because it looks so tricky ;)

  3. Elizabeth: Smurfs Lego? Now you got me looking! They must be real cute :D

    Isa: I am totally excited to find it and hopefully, the end product will be nice :)


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