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Smurfalicious Pouch

The smurfy charms arrived!
So with the red zippers, red piping and of course,
the smurfy fabric... I started making the smurfy pouch.

It's my first time sewing piping... on pouches.
I biased the piping to the pouch by hand before machine stitching
to eliminiate possible errors and pin pricks by using pins.

For this pouch, I did not use any batting or interface.
I ran out of interface and my machine does not take
the sewing of quilt batting well. It chokes, it eats...
it simply refuses to cooperate whenever sewing gets too tough or thick >_<

Anyways, the resulting pouch is a soft pouch - which I will be giving
to my smurfy buddy aka happi meal kaki aka ex-colleague aka good friend.

I hope my buddy will like it ^_^

In case anyone is wanting any Smurfy fabric,
they are available at Yoshimi's shop - emicraftinjapan
in yummylicious Pink, Green and Blue colorway.