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Oliver + S Bucket Hat

The first project on the Oliver + S Little Things To SEW ALONG
is the bucket hat and I had it finished today ^_^

As previously mentioned, it is likely too small for my 8yo daughter's head.
Furthermore, I made the hat in a Medium size.

Here's a picture of the hat,
perched atop Bunni the Le Sucre Bunny.
The nautical theme fabric kinda suits Bunni's maritime mood. Hehe.

Preparing the paper pattern / choosing fabric.
I was thinking red fabric + white dots for the lining...
but eventually used white fabric + red dots.

Nautical theme fabric.
I think it's by Cosmo / Japanese fabric from Chinatown.

Putting the hat together.
For the brim / curve part, I find it easier to match the notches first
before I snip the sides and then baste with pins.

Almost done, YAY! ^_^

Having completed the August project, I am looking forward to
next month's sew along - The Penguin Backpack.
I hope the backpack is just as easy to put together. Hmm...


  1. Girl you are ahead of the game! I loooooove that nautical fabric, it's perfect for this hat.

  2. I love your bucket hat...a job well done! And the combo of fabrics is perfect. :)

  3. Geez how neat is your hat, it looks perfect - what a great job you have done.

    Amanda xox

  4. The hat is super cute, and I love the fabric choice! It's sad that it ended up being too small.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments :)
    I hope the little one getting the hat will like it as well. Now need to get started with making a matching soft toy to go along.

  6. I just saw this featured on the Oliver & S blog! What? Awesome!

  7. what? gosh, i'm really surprised!
    thanks Jessica, for letting me know :)


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