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First Paperpiecing!

Okay... I admit, it's my second try with the pattern.
I messed up the first one the first time >_<

I think it still needs improvement as the points don't match well.

Nevertheless, I am still proud of myself for finishing this.
I think it will probably be used in a small bag?

Or perhaps I should include in as a part of a quilt?
That is, if I ever get over my silly phobia of batting a quilt...

In case you are wondering, the paperpiecing is that of a Lil Fox.
You can purchase the pdf pattern here ^_^


  1. A fox! Could there BE a more adorable quilt block? Great job, I really want to try some of the paper piecing.

  2. Isn't paper piecing fun Jo ?!
    I totally love since i used it very often for the summer quilt along .

    Batting a quilt is much easier when you use batting spray. Since I tried I will never look back and use those stupid safety pins ;)

  3. Thanks Jessica :)
    and quick, get your fingers started with paper piecing. I am pretty sure you will do better job than I do.

    Hiya Isa! I do enjoyed paper piecing. It seem to work better than just matching fabric for me. Haha. I will go check out the batting spray too. It sure sounds good to use. Oh oh, I had been wanting to ask... the fabrics arrived yet?


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