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My first Oliver + S Dress

Finally, I started on the Oliver + S Seashore Sundress pattern
which I received some months back.

This time, I decided to trace out the pattern.
A little more work but this leaves the original pattern intact.
If anyone is interested in a pattern trade for this, do let me know? ^_^

I completed the dress over few days and have to say,
I am so loving Oliver + S patterns!
The instructions are really easy to follow but then,
this is 1 scissor out of 4.
I do wonder if I can finish the Jump Rope Dress just as smoothly.

Here is my finished dress - in size 8.
Fabric were chosen by my daughter - Moda / Basic Grey - Max and Whiskers
(Yes, my not-so-little girl loves little animals!)

It's too big for my girl now but better big than can't fit. LOL
Anyways, I think it wouldn't be long before the dress would fit...
as my daughter sure does love eating and have a good appetite too!