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Preorder Update

Preorder date: 23 July 2011
Status: Shipped

Roses are... Minty Mint
* with minty roses *

Roses are... Baby Pink

Roses are... Pixie Blue
* cornflower blue shorts + blue roses *

Pixie Blue is a newly acquired blue yarn.
It is a little softer than Turquoise Blueberry.

Etsy Update

Shop is updated with 2 new dresses.
This time, solid coloured fabrics were used.
I quite like the simplicity of these basic dresses and
I am thinking to get more solids coloured fabrics.
Maybe in Minty Green, Lavender... Baby Yellow?

So looking forward to visit Chinatown for some fabric shopping soon ^_^

Order Update

Etsy Order
Status: Shipped

Oatmeal Gold Baby Holiday Set

My first Oliver + S Dress

Finally, I started on the Oliver + S Seashore Sundress pattern
which I received some months back.

This time, I decided to trace out the pattern.
A little more work but this leaves the original pattern intact.
If anyone is interested in a pattern trade for this, do let me know? ^_^

I completed the dress over few days and have to say,
I am so loving Oliver + S patterns!
The instructions are really easy to follow but then,
this is 1 scissor out of 4.
I do wonder if I can finish the Jump Rope Dress just as smoothly.

Here is my finished dress - in size 8.
Fabric were chosen by my daughter - Moda / Basic Grey - Max and Whiskers
(Yes, my not-so-little girl loves little animals!)

It's too big for my girl now but better big than can't fit. LOL
Anyways, I think it wouldn't be long before the dress would fit...
as my daughter sure does love eating and have a good appetite too!

Preorder Update

Preorder date: 14 July 2011
Status: Shipped

Roses are... Minty Mint

Roses are... Baby Pink

Etsy Update

Shop is updated with 3 new dresses.
Lati Yellow size but may also fit PukiFee, Mui Chan, Odeco Chan...

Dresses are modelled by Kameyo - my sweety Lati Lumi.
Thanks for viewing ^_^


Having gotten my fair share of warnings and such,
I think it is best I start moving etsy or sales related posts here.

At this moment, I am closed for special commisions from new customers.
However, you can find preorder slots available in my etsy shop.
Pre-orders usually take 7 - 15 days to be ready and shipped.
Shipping as usual, will be via registered airmail from sunny Singapore.

Here are some of the currently available preorder items.
If you do not see them in the shop, you can email me ^_^