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Lil Miss Harle & Lil Black Quinny

I had been putting off crochet for some time,
due to painful fingers which I am frequently "rewarded" with...
after long periods of crochet.

Anyways, I picked up the crochet hook again the other day
and started to think of what to make.

Lil' Miss Harle

After some trial and error, the Lil Miss Harle dress is "borned".
Then I reversed the colourway and got the Lil Black Quinny dress!
Both Lil Miss Harle and Lil Black Quinny dresses are already in my etsy shop.

I really like this style and pattern.
It's my new favourite after the Little Wonderland dresses I made in 2009.

Here are some pictures of my dear Kameyo, helping to model the dresses.
I hope you like them and thanks for dropping by ^_^

lil miss harle & lil black quinny