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Day Out For Kuriko

Dolly-time had dwindled much lately.
Kuriko, my Winter Tanned Benny, has been spending much
of the time in the naughty corner on the naughty chair.
She is the most un-cooperative rebel in the dolly family.
If she's not up to something, she's "cooking" up something. Haha.

Today, I found time to dress Kuriko and took her out.
She is wearing her Team Robo Tee made by Peggy, skirt & pants by dear Isa.
Hat is all-time favourite, made by Blanki.
Shoesies are pressies from her dear Aunty Mo.

Kuriko seemed to enjoy the attention her time outside
and is cooperative for photos.

Here's her picture from today's day out ^_^
day out for Kuriko ^_^


  1. I really should take my little Roni out of the shelf too.
    I already dressed him and he got Nezumi's sparkling eyes since he left.

    Maybe this weekend ?!

  2. Aww... Nezumi left? He will be missed! He's one of my fav Lati boy! Hope you have a good weekend out with Roni, he's another cutie <3!


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