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Day Out For Kuriko

Dolly-time had dwindled much lately.
Kuriko, my Winter Tanned Benny, has been spending much
of the time in the naughty corner on the naughty chair.
She is the most un-cooperative rebel in the dolly family.
If she's not up to something, she's "cooking" up something. Haha.

Today, I found time to dress Kuriko and took her out.
She is wearing her Team Robo Tee made by Peggy, skirt & pants by dear Isa.
Hat is all-time favourite, made by Blanki.
Shoesies are pressies from her dear Aunty Mo.

Kuriko seemed to enjoy the attention her time outside
and is cooperative for photos.

Here's her picture from today's day out ^_^

Cycling Saturday

Saturday, we went cycling
as it wasn't too hot after it rained in the morning.
This time, we took the 6km Park Connector Network to Punggol Park...
instead of our usual ride to Casuarina Prata then Bishan Park then Junction 8.
We reached Punggol Park in less than an hour.

After the kids had their fun at the playground in Punggol Park,
all of us ride around the park to see what else the park offers.
Hmm... nothing much. I still preferred Bishan Park.
So we decided to head back and cycle to Serangoon North for dinner.

It was still earlier (for dinner) when we arrived at Serangoon North,
so went to the pet shops to look see and also get some supplies.
We saw some bulldog pups that are really adorable.
We had our first encounter with Chinchillas too!
All of us fell in love with Lingzhi the Chinchilla.
She's white, very chubby and very tamed.
I was really beaming when she stood on my shoulders!

But she is not within our budget.
The one we like + within our budget
was sold before we could even…

Berry Tote Bag

The days had been busy but still I managed to find some time to sew
and finished this Berry Tote Bag :)

I had came across the tote bag tutorial by Ayumi Mills @ Pink Penguin while looking around for tote bag inspirations.
It was my first time making a bag with a cover but I finished the bag with no hiccups! I guess I have the tutorial to thank as the instructions were so clear and easy to follow!

For this Berry Tote Bag, I had used strawberry garden linen mix cotton fabric and a red tiny dot cotton fabric for the body and rim of the bag.
Both fabrics were purchased from Tine's shop - bytinster on etsy and oh, bytinster is having a 40% discount now!
For the handle, it is brown cotton by Lecien. As for the cover fabric, it's a medium weight floral design which I bought from ebay a long time ago.

As I had meant this to be a tote bag rather than lunch bag,
I made changes to the boxing corner and had it sewn at 3" instead of the 5" mentioned on the tutorial.

I am happy wit…