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A week in review... ...

I have not gotten much done, in terms of craft and sewing.
The shopping bag for Sis is STILL not yet done and I have a few dolly dresses and other projects to complete.

Then I am sick, yet again, for the nth time this year!!!
Flu and medication just do not go well, they made me stoopid and lazy and slow and what-not. Thankfully, I am feeling better today :)

The past week was buzzy, with school stuff and chores.

We also went tomb sweeping for Qing Ming.
This year, there are all sorts of "new arrivals", high tech paper offerings
- from imac to iphones to ipad! Some places even SOLD OUT on these items. Click the link for the article from xin.msn.
There's a picture of that paper ipad, if you are keen to see.
Anyways, we get nothing of that sort, as I don't think my parents, grandparents and great grandpa would know how to use them XD

That aside, I received a lovely mail package from Debby last week.
Lati outfit, hair accesorries, KA BOOM candies (as small girl called it),
ME nail file (Debby, how did you know I need one? Mine was really used...) and card... not forgetting the lovely LPS activity book that small girl loves!

Here is a pic of Kameyo, wearing the duper adorable outfit that Debby made.
It was taken when the sunset was setting, so it wasn't too hot :)

I wished I could have taken a few more girls out for pictures
but I could not handle more than one outdoors
especially with that really playful one around. Haha.
Speaking of that, Ribena is staring at me. She is wanting her picture taken.
I so need to get that orange hat done... ... to go with the citrus dress from Blair.