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IxTee Fat Chai

A special someone arrived, just as I was about to go out. It was Boo's little brother, Fat-chai. I couldn't wait till later to see him so... immediately took the penknife and opened the box. Took out the little guy... the pouch holding the little one, his travel capsule.

First look... NICE! I like the pouch. The nunchucks zippers is a nice touch :) Open the pouch and saw the collector's cards. Impressive, as always. Oh the shoes, the shoes!!! *** TOTAL LOVE *** I would so want a pair for myself, doesn't matter I don't exercise but instead, is in severe need of some workout LOL I quickly got over the shoes and took out the little guy... for him to meet his sister for the first time. There is instant connection :D Well, they are siblings afterall... twins. Look at the fun they are having. Haha.

Conclusion... I like little guy. He is perfect. I find his body system better than that of his sister. The new eye system is a little tricky. Needs some getting used to. The eyes goes into wonky stares and funny positions with the slightest movement, especially while putting on the wig. I am not exactly a fan of that new eye system but I will continue to use it as I do find it useful for changing different eye expression.