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Help Japan: Pink Crochet Hat and Dress For Blythe Doll

Now on ebay, a set of pink crochet hat and dress for Blythe
made by me specially for this charity auction.

The proceeds of this set will be donated to the
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund administered by MissionFish.

Thanks for viewing :)


  1. I just learned to crochet this year so I understand what you have done here. Your work is beautiful mine would never look like this plus my eyes wouldn't let me do it. This set is adoreable! absolutely beautiful!!!!

  2. Congrats to whomever won this beautiful set! I was SO close! My attention was diverted at the last minute by my pup. CRY! BUT I am so happy for the winner. have such a generous heart! xoxoox


  3. @rhubs: thank you for your lovely comments :)

    @roz: pup? new pup or just cute horatio? sorry i am so slow and out of the loop these days. hehe. i saw your bid... and i might do another one, if i can... these days i am doing less crochet due to a pain in the finger that comes and goes. sigh. hugs to you too, for your support :)


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