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Crafting With Love - Help Japan: Hoppel Raffle

Japan has been in the minds of many since the past weeks.
I had made a few personal donations through the different channels available. While it's only a small donation on my part, I feel... ... every cent counts.
Japan needs all the support and funds to recover from this disaster.

Many raffles, charity auctions and donations had been and are still being organised in good faith to raise funds to help Japan.
It is surely heartwarming to see people coming forward
to help in whichever way they can.

Here is one charity raffle I would like to share.
It is organised by dear Isa. (Crafting With Love on flickr and etsy).

Isa had sewn 3 adorable Hoppel for this raffle.
Each handmade Hoppel is produced using lovely Japanese fabric,
filled with lots of love and hope for Japan.
Every Hoppel features a little "heart" and is embroidered at the back
with the word "日本" which means Japan.

A completely adorable and lovely handmade creation for a good cause.

For more information on how to take part in this raffle,
kindly visit Isa's blog.

Raffle ends 1st April and each ticket costs $5.


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