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Hoot Whoooo

My elder niece fell in love with anything owls and kinda spreaded
the love to me as well.

I doodled the other day and came with a simple owl design to make
a coin purse as a gift for a friend.

My niece saw the coin purse I finished and asked me for one too.
I managed to finish 2 today,
one for her and one for her sister - my 2nd niece.

I just showed them the pictures and they are so excited!
But it's late, they will have to wait till tomorrow to get their new purses ^_^

1st Patchwork Blanket

I love patchwork... always do... especially patchwork blankets.
I could still remember Grandma's blanket that I used to "hide in"
whenever I am at her place, playing hide-and-seek with my cousins.

I have had ideas to make blankets...
but never really gotten around to start one.

Last week, I received a surprise pillow cover from dear Isa.
It is so pretty and lovely and I am really inspired to try my hands at patchwork.

Finally, I started looking at what type of patchwork to start with.
I wanted something simple and decided on the zig zag patchwork pattern.

I spent a day cutting out 4 inches squares and started sewing.
Here's a sneak of my 1st patchwork blanket...
I finished only 4 rows because I am sooo sloowwww (as usual).

I hope to get more sewing done and also get back to my sew-along.
I really have to "poke" my friend to get my patterns returned. Hmm...

Accordion Wallet for Sis

Sis had been asking for a new accordion wallet
as the first one I gave her, was very used and torn.

So we sent Chinatown last week to get some fabrics.

I quickly finished the wallet as school holidays is starting
and I will be busy minding the fussy princess.

Sis chose a pink kawaii character fabric.
I chose black pin dots, with minty choco and pink choco dots to coordinate.
Pattern by Napkitten on etsy.

Here is the finished wallet.
I can't wait to give it to my Sis ^_^

The inside of the wallet.
The colours reminded me of minty macaroons and strawberry choco. Yums!

Side view of the wallet.

I really enjoyed making this wallet.
But the greatest satisfaction is to see Sis using the wallet
and showing it off to her friends. Haha.

Be back soon...

The days had been busy... if not crazy.
I feel bad for neglecting the blog and hope to be back soon.

September, I was pretty much occupied with school + home stuff.
Then came October... small girl had a bad fall on the way home from school.
That resulted in a ambulance ride to the A&E and 12 stitches to her forehead.
Small girl later told me , it wasn't only 12 stitches...
the doctor stitched internally too - as the cut was so deep, the bone was visible!

I had no idea what happened or why she fell.
It was raining lightly. I was carrying lots of stuff and the big umbrella.
So I got her to carry her school bag herself and happily clutching
a drawing (from a classmate) in one hand and a happy koala toy
(children's day present from her teacher) in the other hand.
It all happened in a second... she was right beside me and the next,
she fell facedown the stairs!
I quickly held her up and was shocked to see the big cut and lots of blood!

Thankfully, the ambulance did not take long to arrive …

Smurfalicious Pouch

The smurfy charms arrived!
So with the red zippers, red piping and of course,
the smurfy fabric... I started making the smurfy pouch.

It's my first time sewing piping... on pouches.
I biased the piping to the pouch by hand before machine stitching
to eliminiate possible errors and pin pricks by using pins.

For this pouch, I did not use any batting or interface.
I ran out of interface and my machine does not take
the sewing of quilt batting well. It chokes, it eats...
it simply refuses to cooperate whenever sewing gets too tough or thick >_<

Anyways, the resulting pouch is a soft pouch - which I will be giving
to my smurfy buddy aka happi meal kaki aka ex-colleague aka good friend.

I hope my buddy will like it ^_^

In case anyone is wanting any Smurfy fabric,
they are available at Yoshimi's shop - emicraftinjapan
in yummylicious Pink, Green and Blue colorway.


Smurfy! Smurfalicious!
A friend's recent acquistion of a full set
of smurfs happi meal toys set me in nostalgic smurfy mood.
Ahh... such lovely childhood memories!
Me with my blankie and binky, watching the little blue friends on television
and singing along to La la la-la la la... lol

The first thing I smurfy search for... is smurfs fabric.
Not many around, mostly vintage sheets on ebay.

But I did find some on etsy, from Yoshimi's shop - emicraftinjapan.
I bought only the blue one, with the intention of making some pouch
or wristlets... with red zippers and maybe I will try red piping too?

Green version of the same fabric... hmm... not too sure of this colorway.

Pinkalicious PINK version!
My daughter loves this so I think, I will be getting the pink one soon.

Oooh, so excited and looking forward to receive this latest fabric purchase.
Did I mention I also bought smurfy charms for zipper pulls? Hehe...

*** Smurfy pictures are from emicraftinjapan on etsy ***

Preorder Update

Preorder date: 5 August 2011
Status: Shipped

Roses are... Lavender

Oliver + S Bucket Hat

The first project on the Oliver + S Little Things To SEW ALONG
is the bucket hat and I had it finished today ^_^

As previously mentioned, it is likely too small for my 8yo daughter's head.
Furthermore, I made the hat in a Medium size.

Here's a picture of the hat,
perched atop Bunni the Le Sucre Bunny.
The nautical theme fabric kinda suits Bunni's maritime mood. Hehe.

Preparing the paper pattern / choosing fabric.
I was thinking red fabric + white dots for the lining...
but eventually used white fabric + red dots.

Nautical theme fabric.
I think it's by Cosmo / Japanese fabric from Chinatown.

Putting the hat together.
For the brim / curve part, I find it easier to match the notches first
before I snip the sides and then baste with pins.

Almost done, YAY! ^_^

Having completed the August project, I am looking forward to
next month's sew along - The Penguin Backpack.
I hope the backpack is just as easy to put together. Hmm...

First Paperpiecing!

Okay... I admit, it's my second try with the pattern.
I messed up the first one the first time >_<

I think it still needs improvement as the points don't match well.

Nevertheless, I am still proud of myself for finishing this.
I think it will probably be used in a small bag?

Or perhaps I should include in as a part of a quilt?
That is, if I ever get over my silly phobia of batting a quilt...

In case you are wondering, the paperpiecing is that of a Lil Fox.
You can purchase the pdf pattern here ^_^

Oliver + S Little Things To SEW ALONG

I am in love with Oliver + S patterns / designs since finishing
that first Seashore Sundress. So when I saw the sew along from
Jessica at alittlegray, I wanted to give it a try to join in and complete
one project a month from Oliver + S Little Things To Sew book.

The first project starts this month and it'll be the bucket hat.
This hat, in even the large size, would probably not fit my daughter.
(she is wanting the backpack and the teddy carrier)
But I am making the hat anyway, as a gift ^_^
I already have my fabric choice in mind and will post pictures up soon.

Meanwhile, if you are keen to join in the sew along,
click over to alittlegray for more details!

Preorder Update

Preorder date: 23 July 2011
Status: Shipped

Roses are... Minty Mint
* with minty roses *

Roses are... Baby Pink

Roses are... Pixie Blue
* cornflower blue shorts + blue roses *

Pixie Blue is a newly acquired blue yarn.
It is a little softer than Turquoise Blueberry.

Etsy Update

Shop is updated with 2 new dresses.
This time, solid coloured fabrics were used.
I quite like the simplicity of these basic dresses and
I am thinking to get more solids coloured fabrics.
Maybe in Minty Green, Lavender... Baby Yellow?

So looking forward to visit Chinatown for some fabric shopping soon ^_^

Order Update

Etsy Order
Status: Shipped

Oatmeal Gold Baby Holiday Set

My first Oliver + S Dress

Finally, I started on the Oliver + S Seashore Sundress pattern
which I received some months back.

This time, I decided to trace out the pattern.
A little more work but this leaves the original pattern intact.
If anyone is interested in a pattern trade for this, do let me know? ^_^

I completed the dress over few days and have to say,
I am so loving Oliver + S patterns!
The instructions are really easy to follow but then,
this is 1 scissor out of 4.
I do wonder if I can finish the Jump Rope Dress just as smoothly.

Here is my finished dress - in size 8.
Fabric were chosen by my daughter - Moda / Basic Grey - Max and Whiskers
(Yes, my not-so-little girl loves little animals!)

It's too big for my girl now but better big than can't fit. LOL
Anyways, I think it wouldn't be long before the dress would fit...
as my daughter sure does love eating and have a good appetite too!

Preorder Update

Preorder date: 14 July 2011
Status: Shipped

Roses are... Minty Mint

Roses are... Baby Pink

Etsy Update

Shop is updated with 3 new dresses.
Lati Yellow size but may also fit PukiFee, Mui Chan, Odeco Chan...

Dresses are modelled by Kameyo - my sweety Lati Lumi.
Thanks for viewing ^_^


Having gotten my fair share of warnings and such,
I think it is best I start moving etsy or sales related posts here.

At this moment, I am closed for special commisions from new customers.
However, you can find preorder slots available in my etsy shop.
Pre-orders usually take 7 - 15 days to be ready and shipped.
Shipping as usual, will be via registered airmail from sunny Singapore.

Here are some of the currently available preorder items.
If you do not see them in the shop, you can email me ^_^

Lil Miss Harle & Lil Black Quinny

I had been putting off crochet for some time,
due to painful fingers which I am frequently "rewarded" with...
after long periods of crochet.

Anyways, I picked up the crochet hook again the other day
and started to think of what to make.

After some trial and error, the Lil Miss Harle dress is "borned".
Then I reversed the colourway and got the Lil Black Quinny dress!
Both Lil Miss Harle and Lil Black Quinny dresses are already in my etsy shop.

I really like this style and pattern.
It's my new favourite after the Little Wonderland dresses I made in 2009.

Here are some pictures of my dear Kameyo, helping to model the dresses.
I hope you like them and thanks for dropping by ^_^

Day Out For Kuriko

Dolly-time had dwindled much lately.
Kuriko, my Winter Tanned Benny, has been spending much
of the time in the naughty corner on the naughty chair.
She is the most un-cooperative rebel in the dolly family.
If she's not up to something, she's "cooking" up something. Haha.

Today, I found time to dress Kuriko and took her out.
She is wearing her Team Robo Tee made by Peggy, skirt & pants by dear Isa.
Hat is all-time favourite, made by Blanki.
Shoesies are pressies from her dear Aunty Mo.

Kuriko seemed to enjoy the attention her time outside
and is cooperative for photos.

Here's her picture from today's day out ^_^

Cycling Saturday

Saturday, we went cycling
as it wasn't too hot after it rained in the morning.
This time, we took the 6km Park Connector Network to Punggol Park...
instead of our usual ride to Casuarina Prata then Bishan Park then Junction 8.
We reached Punggol Park in less than an hour.

After the kids had their fun at the playground in Punggol Park,
all of us ride around the park to see what else the park offers.
Hmm... nothing much. I still preferred Bishan Park.
So we decided to head back and cycle to Serangoon North for dinner.

It was still earlier (for dinner) when we arrived at Serangoon North,
so went to the pet shops to look see and also get some supplies.
We saw some bulldog pups that are really adorable.
We had our first encounter with Chinchillas too!
All of us fell in love with Lingzhi the Chinchilla.
She's white, very chubby and very tamed.
I was really beaming when she stood on my shoulders!

But she is not within our budget.
The one we like + within our budget
was sold before we could even…

Berry Tote Bag

The days had been busy but still I managed to find some time to sew
and finished this Berry Tote Bag :)

I had came across the tote bag tutorial by Ayumi Mills @ Pink Penguin while looking around for tote bag inspirations.
It was my first time making a bag with a cover but I finished the bag with no hiccups! I guess I have the tutorial to thank as the instructions were so clear and easy to follow!

For this Berry Tote Bag, I had used strawberry garden linen mix cotton fabric and a red tiny dot cotton fabric for the body and rim of the bag.
Both fabrics were purchased from Tine's shop - bytinster on etsy and oh, bytinster is having a 40% discount now!
For the handle, it is brown cotton by Lecien. As for the cover fabric, it's a medium weight floral design which I bought from ebay a long time ago.

As I had meant this to be a tote bag rather than lunch bag,
I made changes to the boxing corner and had it sewn at 3" instead of the 5" mentioned on the tutorial.

I am happy wit…

A week in review... ...

I have not gotten much done, in terms of craft and sewing.
The shopping bag for Sis is STILL not yet done and I have a few dolly dresses and other projects to complete.

Then I am sick, yet again, for the nth time this year!!!
Flu and medication just do not go well, they made me stoopid and lazy and slow and what-not. Thankfully, I am feeling better today :)

The past week was buzzy, with school stuff and chores.

We also went tomb sweeping for Qing Ming.
This year, there are all sorts of "new arrivals", high tech paper offerings
- from imac to iphones to ipad! Some places even SOLD OUT on these items. Click the link for the article from xin.msn.
There's a picture of that paper ipad, if you are keen to see.
Anyways, we get nothing of that sort, as I don't think my parents, grandparents and great grandpa would know how to use them XD

That aside, I received a lovely mail package from Debby last week.
Lati outfit, hair accesorries, KA BOOM candies (as small girl called it),
ME n…

Project: SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden

"The family that eats together, stays together... ..."
For us, it is pretty much
"the family that eats together, plays together, stays together..."

The current family activity includes occassional gaming sessions at the arcade,
board games or silly kinect moments at home.

But things are kinda getting bored...
so we went seeking for new fun at the mall's toys section.

Happy to say, we found and agreed on...
SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden modelling kits!

We happily bought home 3 boxes (with one more on order).
The next few weekends would probably be stay-home days :D

Help Japan: Pink Crochet Hat and Dress For Blythe Doll

Now on ebay, a set of pink crochet hat and dress for Blythe
made by me specially for this charity auction.

The proceeds of this set will be donated to the
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund administered by MissionFish.

Thanks for viewing :)

Crafting With Love - Help Japan: Hoppel Raffle

Japan has been in the minds of many since the past weeks.
I had made a few personal donations through the different channels available. While it's only a small donation on my part, I feel... ... every cent counts.
Japan needs all the support and funds to recover from this disaster.

Many raffles, charity auctions and donations had been and are still being organised in good faith to raise funds to help Japan.
It is surely heartwarming to see people coming forward
to help in whichever way they can.

Here is one charity raffle I would like to share.
It is organised by dear Isa. (Crafting With Love on flickr and etsy).

Isa had sewn 3 adorable Hoppel for this raffle.
Each handmade Hoppel is produced using lovely Japanese fabric,
filled with lots of love and hope for Japan.
Every Hoppel features a little "heart" and is embroidered at the back
with the word "日本" which means Japan.

A completely adorable and lovely handmade creation for a good cause.

For more information on how …

Teeny Dress for Teeny Wanda

Teeny Wanda got a new teeny dress... her 1st dress in fact, as she is mostly nekkid and spends most of her time in the play pretend cooker pot LOL
Amazing teeny dress is made by fishmo on etsy.
I love Mo's crochet works, her bead crochet is always so perfect!
Thanks Mo, for this lovely little dress :)