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Boo's Arrival

Boo, is the happy-faced Mui Chan I'd been wanting ever since I saw the first prototypes by Siu Ding and MaFai, the very talented couple behind IxTee.

With the help of a good dolly friend, I managed to secure a Version 3 Mui Chan, the limited version with 3 faceplates! I'm grateful to my friend for this opportunity or I would had missed Version 3 totally. Thank you my dear dear friend M :)

Boo arrived in super-speed from Hong Kong.

I was really excited and opened her package as soon as I got it. I first saw her faceplates. All of which I fell in love instantly and completely! Her laughing faceplate simply makes me feel happy just looking at it!! She is just so wonderful and cute to not love... even with her little "hiccup" which I think could and would be worked out soon...

Looking at her, the name Boo instantly came to mind... yes after little Boo in Pixar's Monsters' Inc. She just makes me think of Boo and my own little girl.

So please meet Boo, the newest family…

Finally, something to look forward to...

Since the start of 2010, I'd stuck to my resolution to get no more new dollies... though the resolution to spend less and save more is pretty much forgotten, I would say I'd done well :P

This month, I will be looking forward to 2 new additions. A bjd and a non-bjd.

The non-bjd purchase was... how do I say? I'd been wanting her but never did got into serious seeking mode until the other half started enabling me AGAIN last week. MIB and NRFB were not in my range... too expensive. So we looked at out-of-box ones and finally got our target locked on a minty condition one on evil bay... waited up till the last few seconds but dang it, LOST the auction by mere cents!!! arrgghhh... the other half laughed at my misery BUT I have my backup plan on another minty one... though the BIN is much higher, it will work out to be about the same (if not cheaper) if I won the other one as that one will require additional shipping service which will surely add up to the cost.

So now the waiting b…