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A Day Out...

The last trip to East Coast Park was... ?! certainly more than 10 years ago!

The bus journey to Parkway Parade brought back many memories... I remember the times spent with Pa and Ma at the East Coast Beach and shopping at Parkway Parade. I remembered my very first Lego set too... a quaint little cottage house with a red roof, which Grandma bought for me from TRU Parkway. I also remembered the huge Tuxedo Sam stuffed toy won from the arcade. It was also here that Ma bought me my first sewing machine from Best Denki. I was 15... Everyting was sooo long ago... but yet the memories still seemed so fresh...

The trip to Parkway Parade took a little over 35mins, with another 20min walk to Big Splash only to realised the Big Splash in no longer what Hubby and I remembered it was. LOL. Anyways, it was a good day spent, with clear skies and good weather.

I had a fun time taking pics of my bubblefun balloons from Mo and also watching the kites zooming around every now and then :)

DIY Clear Bubblefun by Meeee
Green Bubblefun by Bubi Auyeung

East Coast Park Kites!!!