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Saving Old Mickey

The time is 2.17
The clock probably stopped while we were asleep last night.

So I took new batteries to change... Sheesh... No movement.
The other half heard and said, "It's time, this clock is too old. Go get a new one later".

I thought, "Get a new one? Throw this???"
This clock is after all, an old Lorus Mickey Mouse clock.
I can't remember when it was bought. All I remember is my late mum bought it from a shop in Bugis a very long time ago when I was still in Primary School!

"Yes, get a new one later..."

"NO!" I said, I will get find the clock movement kit to replace.

"Up to you... buying a clock is easily laaa... ..."

I'm not listening. Old Mickey is not leaving!

Late morning, I went around the neighbourhood craft shop, clock shops, watch shops asking for the clock movement kit. No one sells such repair stuff anymore. It all seems that it is indeed cheaper (and easier) to get a new clock.

The other half called and ask if I found anything to fix the clock. When I say no, he again asked for me to get a new one. No no no, not listening!

Ends up, I bought a cheap dollar clock with other ideas.
Happily went home, thinking it would be a breeze to just "plug and play".

Gosh... was I wrong!
As it turns out, the new clock movement gear, is not suitable with the Old Mickey's hands... and in my frustration, I broke the new clock gear. Oh good, the other half will be laughing at me at this silly clock-saving attempt.

I went out again.
This time bought a 2 dollar clock after some scruntinising of the clock gear and with the salegirl staring at me with the "Hey, it's just a 2 dollar clock!" LOL

I went back home and resumed Old Mickey's operation.
As luck would have it, the new clock gear still do not work!

I got fed up. Really fed up and upset too.

Since Old Mickey will be doomed to the chute if I can't repair it, I decided to open up both the new clock gear and Old Mickey's gear to see what I can do.
I have to admit, I was a little daunted by the tiny gear parts but continued with the operation, playing and switching the tiny parts around. Ahh, my efforts were finally rewarded! Old Mickey's "heart" started pumping and it's hands moving! Old Mickey is working again!!

Yay yay! The other half says I'm silly and sentimental (blah blah blah)... but I'm just happy that I'm able to stop Old Mickey from leaving the family ^__^


  1. It's the sentimental things that keep us going. Keep us sane!


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