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Saving Old Mickey

The time is 2.17
The clock probably stopped while we were asleep last night.

So I took new batteries to change... Sheesh... No movement.
The other half heard and said, "It's time, this clock is too old. Go get a new one later".

I thought, "Get a new one? Throw this???"
This clock is after all, an old Lorus Mickey Mouse clock.
I can't remember when it was bought. All I remember is my late mum bought it from a shop in Bugis a very long time ago when I was still in Primary School!

"Yes, get a new one later..."

"NO!" I said, I will get find the clock movement kit to replace.

"Up to you... buying a clock is easily laaa... ..."

I'm not listening. Old Mickey is not leaving!

Late morning, I went around the neighbourhood craft shop, clock shops, watch shops asking for the clock movement kit. No one sells such repair stuff anymore. It all seems that it is indeed cheaper (and easier) to get a new clock.

The other half called and ask if I found an…