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Hoot Whoooo

My elder niece fell in love with anything owls and kinda spreaded
the love to me as well.

I doodled the other day and came with a simple owl design to make
a coin purse as a gift for a friend.

My niece saw the coin purse I finished and asked me for one too.
I managed to finish 2 today,
one for her and one for her sister - my 2nd niece.

I just showed them the pictures and they are so excited!
But it's late, they will have to wait till tomorrow to get their new purses ^_^

1st Patchwork Blanket

I love patchwork... always do... especially patchwork blankets.
I could still remember Grandma's blanket that I used to "hide in"
whenever I am at her place, playing hide-and-seek with my cousins.

I have had ideas to make blankets...
but never really gotten around to start one.

Last week, I received a surprise pillow cover from dear Isa.
It is so pretty and lovely and I am really inspired to try my hands at patchwork.

Finally, I started looking at what type of patchwork to start with.
I wanted something simple and decided on the zig zag patchwork pattern.

I spent a day cutting out 4 inches squares and started sewing.
Here's a sneak of my 1st patchwork blanket...
I finished only 4 rows because I am sooo sloowwww (as usual).

I hope to get more sewing done and also get back to my sew-along.
I really have to "poke" my friend to get my patterns returned. Hmm...