Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smurfalicious Pouch

The smurfy charms arrived!
So with the red zippers, red piping and of course,
the smurfy fabric... I started making the smurfy pouch.

It's my first time sewing piping... on pouches.
I biased the piping to the pouch by hand before machine stitching
to eliminiate possible errors and pin pricks by using pins.

For this pouch, I did not use any batting or interface.
I ran out of interface and my machine does not take
the sewing of quilt batting well. It chokes, it eats...
it simply refuses to cooperate whenever sewing gets too tough or thick >_<

Anyways, the resulting pouch is a soft pouch - which I will be giving
to my smurfy buddy aka happi meal kaki aka ex-colleague aka good friend.

I hope my buddy will like it ^_^

In case anyone is wanting any Smurfy fabric,
they are available at Yoshimi's shop - emicraftinjapan
in yummylicious Pink, Green and Blue colorway.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tiny Buu by Coco Choo of MuculDoll

I am *still* in the midst of decluttering...
so was not supposed to be having new dollies.
But... something really nice happened...
so here's Tiny Buu!

Tiny Buu's unique look is an instant love for me!
She is a chubby chinese girl who reminds me of someone I know,
someone I'd seen before, perhaps even a little like me (at my toddler stage)!
Hahaha. I guess this is why Coco's Buu dolls called out to me,
and tugged at the heartsrtings.

I am very happy with Tiny Buu as I think Coco did an amazing job
handcrafting this cute little doll who stands well and is of wonderful quality.
I chose the normal skin as I was worried that I could not handle the choco skin
well when performing my oh-so-non-pro faceup and
further, normal skin is closer to the chinese girl I had in mind.

I have yet to try clothes or wigs as the kiddy mafia is home
and being weekend (be out for STGCC 2011 tomorrow YAY!),
it'll be next weekday before I can find free time to try out the faceup
and play with Tiny Buu.

Note: Coco is having a ONE TIME Opening Event Sale on Tiny Buu now!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Smurfy! Smurfalicious!
A friend's recent acquistion of a full set
of smurfs happi meal toys set me in nostalgic smurfy mood.
Ahh... such lovely childhood memories!
Me with my blankie and binky, watching the little blue friends on television
and singing along to La la la-la la la... lol

The first thing I smurfy search for... is smurfs fabric.
Not many around, mostly vintage sheets on ebay.

But I did find some on etsy, from Yoshimi's shop - emicraftinjapan.
I bought only the blue one, with the intention of making some pouch
or wristlets... with red zippers and maybe I will try red piping too?

Green version of the same fabric... hmm... not too sure of this colorway.

Pinkalicious PINK version!
My daughter loves this so I think, I will be getting the pink one soon.

Oooh, so excited and looking forward to receive this latest fabric purchase.
Did I mention I also bought smurfy charms for zipper pulls? Hehe...

*** Smurfy pictures are from emicraftinjapan on etsy ***

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Preorder Update

Preorder date: 5 August 2011
Status: Shipped

Roses are... Lavender

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oliver + S Bucket Hat

The first project on the Oliver + S Little Things To SEW ALONG
is the bucket hat and I had it finished today ^_^

As previously mentioned, it is likely too small for my 8yo daughter's head.
Furthermore, I made the hat in a Medium size.

Here's a picture of the hat,
perched atop Bunni the Le Sucre Bunny.
The nautical theme fabric kinda suits Bunni's maritime mood. Hehe.

Preparing the paper pattern / choosing fabric.
I was thinking red fabric + white dots for the lining...
but eventually used white fabric + red dots.

Nautical theme fabric.
I think it's by Cosmo / Japanese fabric from Chinatown.

Putting the hat together.
For the brim / curve part, I find it easier to match the notches first
before I snip the sides and then baste with pins.

Almost done, YAY! ^_^

Having completed the August project, I am looking forward to
next month's sew along - The Penguin Backpack.
I hope the backpack is just as easy to put together. Hmm...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Paperpiecing!

Okay... I admit, it's my second try with the pattern.
I messed up the first one the first time >_<

I think it still needs improvement as the points don't match well.

Nevertheless, I am still proud of myself for finishing this.
I think it will probably be used in a small bag?

Or perhaps I should include in as a part of a quilt?
That is, if I ever get over my silly phobia of batting a quilt...

In case you are wondering, the paperpiecing is that of a Lil Fox.
You can purchase the pdf pattern here ^_^

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oliver + S Little Things To SEW ALONG

I am in love with Oliver + S patterns / designs since finishing
that first Seashore Sundress. So when I saw the sew along from
Jessica at alittlegray, I wanted to give it a try to join in and complete
one project a month from Oliver + S Little Things To Sew book.

The first project starts this month and it'll be the bucket hat.
This hat, in even the large size, would probably not fit my daughter.
(she is wanting the backpack and the teddy carrier)
But I am making the hat anyway, as a gift ^_^
I already have my fabric choice in mind and will post pictures up soon.

Meanwhile, if you are keen to join in the sew along,
click over to alittlegray for more details!