Friday, August 19, 2011

Tiny Buu by Coco Choo of MuculDoll

I am *still* in the midst of decluttering...
so was not supposed to be having new dollies.
But... something really nice happened...
so here's Tiny Buu!

Tiny Buu's unique look is an instant love for me!
She is a chubby chinese girl who reminds me of someone I know,
someone I'd seen before, perhaps even a little like me (at my toddler stage)!
Hahaha. I guess this is why Coco's Buu dolls called out to me,
and tugged at the heartsrtings.

I am very happy with Tiny Buu as I think Coco did an amazing job
handcrafting this cute little doll who stands well and is of wonderful quality.
I chose the normal skin as I was worried that I could not handle the choco skin
well when performing my oh-so-non-pro faceup and
further, normal skin is closer to the chinese girl I had in mind.

I have yet to try clothes or wigs as the kiddy mafia is home
and being weekend (be out for STGCC 2011 tomorrow YAY!),
it'll be next weekday before I can find free time to try out the faceup
and play with Tiny Buu.

Note: Coco is having a ONE TIME Opening Event Sale on Tiny Buu now!

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